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Damatol Medicated Hair Cream

For hair, scalp, and skin treatment, enriched with vitamin A & E

Funbact A Cream

30g Funbact a Cream is a quality product that improves the patient’s condition by performing the following functions of inhibiting

Jimpo Ori – Shea Butter

280g Naturally Purifies and Nourishes

Lush Hair

Pre-cut, Pre-picked, and ready to use Colours Available: 1/127, 1/144, 1/160, 1/130, 1/900 Note: They are Stretched.

Tribact Cream

30g Triple Action: Anti- Fungal Anti- Bacterial Anti- Inflammatory  

Xpression Lagos Braid

Colour: 1 Note: They are Pre-stretched

Xpression Rich Braid

Colours: 1, 613, 30, 39 Note: They are pre-stretched